The supreme leader : “ Our country (Iran) needs science as well as skilled and competent hands.”
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Instructor Training Center Introduction

Instructor Training Center & Technical and Vocational Researches with cooperation of International Labor Organization (ILO) and United Nation Development Plan (UNDP) was established in 1974 and after the victory of Islamic Republic of Iran and by all-efforts of Iranian specialists was equipped totally then exploited.

This center started its activities formally from 1974. This center basically was established in order to  train the needed TVTOs instructors for  all TVTCs and for other affiliated institutes and organizations. It, as an independent center, is directed under the supervision of TVTOs president and has a significant role in enhancing and developing human resources. TVTO, affiliated to labor & Social Affairs Ministry, has the responsibility of teaching technical & vocational skills and transferring applied knowledge to learners in order to pave the way for productive employment , promoting working culture in society, developing and improving the labor forces competencies.  ITC has delivered some of its courses (instructor training) to some provinces in order to accelerate the process of transferring skills and to increase the quality of training as well as to optimize enjoying the TVTCs capabilities and capacities.

Now since enjoying the specialist human resources and having vast software and hardware facilities ITC is the biggest and unique center in the fields of expertise training in the country and in the Middle East region.

Some of the activities which are conducted in this center are:

·         Training the expert human power in the direction of actualizing the goals & ethical code of TVTO

·         Providing the areas of acquiring work experience by skill based training

·         Planning for developing entrepreneurship

·         Training instructors needed by TVTCs, factory-adjacent centers, and private sector institutes

·         Planning & delivering refresher courses for enhancement of instructors knowledge & skills

·         Developing , compiling and reviewing of skill standards in accordance with technological changes

·         Identifying training needs of TVTCs, industry and labor market in order to orienting training activities

·         Cultural & belief planning in direction of deepening the values, developing labor force of ITC & TVTO

·         Making mutual relation with foreign and home institutes and establishing effective relation with them 

·         Rendering training services to developing countries

·         Inviting the professors , researchers and specialists for holding/conducting seminars and training workshops

·         Teaching and applied researches based on labor market and industry in accordance with TVTOs ethical code

·         Rendering Technical & vocational training in the country .


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