The supreme leader : “ Our country (Iran) needs science as well as skilled and competent hands.”
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instructors ethical code

Instructors’ Ethical code

·       Accountability in all affairs

·       Performing all commitments completely

·       Honest, sincere and respectful socialization

·       Trustworthiness

·       Flexibility in affairs

·       Maintaining social contacts with others

·       Maintaining occupational status

·       Being open to criticism and putting it to use

·       Predictability

·       Fair behavior

·       To be confident and trustful

·       To transfer the learned experience & skills and proposing new approaches

·       Increasinghis knowledge & skills permanently and identification thetools and instruments

·       To be punctual

·       Observing trainees’ mental health

·       Observing trainees’ personal & social rights and preserving environment

·       To transfer the relevant information and conducting healthy propaganda

·       Taking care of the workplace’s equipment and tools and preserving the environment

·       Observing the trainees’ benefits

·       Observing the standards

·       To be collaborative and helpful in affairs

·       To be attentive in doing jobs and duties

·       To be conscientious

·       Observing expertise in doing jobs and enhancing productivity

·       Observing safety and order at work

·       Observing trainees’ satisfaction

·       Decreasing the waste at work

·       To inform clearly

·       Respecting privacy of trainees

·       Opinion poll (to collect trainees’ opinion)

·       To be faithful to laws and regulations

·       To be patriotism

·       To have good and deserved behavior

·       Supporting some special groups whom need

·       To be patient and preventing tension and stress and avoiding impulsive reactions

·       Clear and cut performance

·       Obeying qualified training

·       Trying to make their best of their innovation, creativity and high technology

·       Not to be subject to deceive at work (maltreatment at work) and to be conscientious

·       Creating enthusiasm and eliminating negative energy at work

·       Creating a suitable and tranquil environment for trainees’ improvement and progress

·       Observing tranquility& peace of trainees & colleagues and not interfering with their rights(human & citizen rights) and responsibilities.


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